ECADOC European Doctoral Programme in Career Guidance and Counselling

Postgraduate Master Course

Counselling in school, career construction and work contexts

In western countries  for an increasing  number of  vulnerable population groups the recent economic crisis is threatening  the possibility of experiencing satisfying conditions in social and work life. Additionally, current conditions  have also seen a rise in the number of psychosocial discomfort and need for counseling services capable of helping individuals in facing  both early school leaving and  inclusion  problems,   and difficulties in  vocational guidance, career construction and  work inclusion.
Operators  are then asked  to show   their ability to cooperate with  different professionals  and services; to have skills relevant  for strengthening  resilience,  instilling  confidence and hope, stimulating the  recruitment of cognitive and emotional resources,  identifying  not only barriers but  also strengths and opportunities.  These are  crucial “functions” emphasized also  by  the University Network on Counselling  in order to improve quality of life, social and work inclusion for all.


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International conference
Life Designing and Career Counseling: Building Hope and Resilience
June 20-21-22, 2013, Padova-Italy

IHRT - International Hope Research Team

an international Hope research team on hope, optimism and resilience

Life Design e career counseling:

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Project "Three steps toward the future"

Three steps toward the future



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"Vocational guidance focuses on how individuals live their present and on how they represent and plan, as much as they can, their own future. Satisfaction about one's present situation and predictions about one's future imply, at least in western societies, perception of a number of possibilities and options. Some will be more practicable than others and will allow reaching immediate advantages and reinforcements, while others will need considerable efforts to be pursued and realized to allow reinforcements and gratifications to be spread over time (even after many years). Some lucky people have such opportunities ready at hand, without having to struggle, thanks to others that make them available to them. Other people cannot see them, and others still - and these are the ones we most worry about- have very few opportunities or options, which are often also little attractive"
(Soresi & Nota, 2007, p. 306).


La.R.I.O.S. was founded in 1994 within the Department of Developmental and Socialization Psychology with the aim of giving fresh impulse to both research and application in the ambit of School-career Guidance.
The objective of the Laboratory is to realize highly qualified services for career counselors and for public and private bodies that deal with vocational guidance.
La.R.I.O.S. proposes interventions - which are the result of rigorous research - also to students and workers who are interested in counseling activities.


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