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Mary J. Heppner, Ph.D. is a Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri (MU). She is the author of four books, two assessment measures, and over a hundred journal articles primarily in the area of vocational psychology. As Associate Director of the Career Center on the MU campus she is both a practitioner and scientist. Dr. Heppner was awarded a Fulbright fellowship to conduct research and teach in Taiwan. She is also the recipient of many awards including the John Holland Award for Outstanding Achievement in Career and Personality research, the American Psychological Association (Division 17) Early Scientist Practitioner, and the Chancellors Award for her work with women on her campus, nationally and throughout the world. She is currently the Training Director of MU's nationally ranked Counseling Psychology doctoral program. She is honorary member of the Italian Society For Vocational Guidance.

Puncky P. Heppner, Ph.D., is currently a Curators Professor of the Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri. He is co-founder and co-director of the Center for Multicultural Research, Training and Consultation since 1998, and the inaugural co-chair of the International Section of the Society of Counseling Psychology. He has published over 160 articles/book chapters, and eight books. Dr. Heppner has served on several national/international editorial boards, including editor of The Counseling Psychologist. Dr. Heppner is a Fellow in the American Psychological Association (Divisions 17 and 52) and the American Psychological Society. In 2005/6 he served as President of the Society of Counseling Psychology and was the recipient of the Leona Tyler Award, the highest award given by the Society. He has also been the recipient of three Fulbright awards. He is honorary member of the Italian Society For Vocational Guidance.


Nadya A. Fouad

Nadya A. Fouad, Ph.D. is a Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is editor of The Counseling Psychologist. She was recipient in 2003 of the John Holland Award for Outstanding Achievement in Career and Personality Research, the 2009 APA Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training Award, the 2009 Janet Helms Award for Mentoring and Scholarship, and 2010 Paul Nelson Award by the Council of Chairs of Training Councils. She was President of Division 17 (Counseling Psychology) from 2000-2001. She is currently chair of the Competencies Workgroup (2006- present). She serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Vocational Behavior and the Journal of Career Assessment. She is honorary member of the Italian Society For Vocational Guidance.























Sandro M Sodano

Sandro M. Sodano, is associate professor at the Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo. He received a bachelor degree in Psychology at the San Diego State University, a Master in Counseling Psychology at the Rutgers University and the Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Arizona State University. His teaching interests focus on counseling and his research interests focus on Interpersonal Personality Assessment and Vocational Assessment and Development.


Luís Sérgio Vieira

Luís Sérgio Vieira, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Algarve (Portugal). He is a psychologist and Master in Education Sciences by University of Coimbra. He teaches several curricular units in the field of psychology, with particular regard to: Vocational Psychology; Positive Psychology, Health and Well-being, Developmental Psychology and Interpersonal Relationship and Communication, in cycles of studies of different degrees and scientific areas (psychologist, teachers, etc.). He was President of the Pedagogic Council of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences between 2009 and 2013, and Director of the Department of Psychology, between 2009 and 2011. In terms of psychologists preparation is practice supervisor in the field of educational psychology. His researches interests are in the areas of Educational Psychology, Vocational Psychology and Positive Psychology, and in this context, is supervisor doctoral theses and masters in the fields of positive psychological development, career, work and well-being.


Spencer Niles

Spencer G. Niles began his appointment as Dean for the School of Education at The College of William & Mary in July of 2013. He was Distinguished Professor and Department Head for Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education at the Pennsylvania State University. He also served as Director of the Center for the Study of Career Development and Public Policy at Penn State. He is the recipient of the National Career Development Association's (NCDA) Eminent Career Award, a NCDA Fellow, an American Counseling Association (ACA) Fellow, the recipient of ACA's Thomas Sweeney Visionary Leadership and Advocacy Award, President's Award, David Brooks Distinguished Mentor Award, Extended Research Award, and the University of British Columbia Noted Scholar Award.  He served as President for the National Career Development Association and Editor for The Career Development Quarterly and the Journal of Counseling & Development and currently serves on numerous journal editorial boards. He has authored or co-authored approximately 130 publications and delivered over 125 presentations on career development theory and practice.


Pamela Eddy

She is professor at the at The College of William & Mary where she teaches Financing of Higher Education; Educational Policy courses; Organization and Governance of Higher Education; The Community College.  Her research interests concern Community colleges, leadership, faculty issues and development. She served the Council for the Study of Community Colleges and the Association for the Study of Community Colleges History Committees; ACE Network of Women Leaders in Higher Education, Michigan State Board Member. Manuscript reviewer for the Journal of Higher Education, Community College Review, Journal About Women in Higher Education. Co-Editor book reviews, Community College Journal of Research and Practice.


Karen Moni

Karen Moni is Associate Professor at the School of Education , at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane. She has conducted numerous studies and research on learning and teaching English, and about development of literacy.
Her research interests include adolescent literacy and literature, literacy and young adults with intellectual disabilities, teacher education and teaching and learning in higher education. Dr Moni is also the Exectiuve Director of Latch-On a research and teaching program focusing on literacy and young adults with intellectual disabilities. Karen is a past president of ETAQ and past editor of the peer-reviewed journal English in Australia, the national journal for AATE (The Australian Association for the Teaching of English). She is currently the President of AATE

Monica Cuskelly

Monica Cuskelly is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane.
Dr Cuskelly is the Director of the long running Down Syndrome Research Program based at The University of Queensland. In addition to her interests in the development of individuals with Down syndrome she has research interests in the psycho-social functioning of individuals with intellectual disability, family functioning in families with a child with a disability, and self-regulation and mastery motivation in vulnerable groups: children born prematurely, children with intellectual disability. Research included aspirations for the future of young people with intelectual disability and their families and the examination of aspirations and the facilitators and barriers to achieving a full and satisfying life as an adult.

Anna Paszkowska-Rogacz

Anna Paszkowska – Rogacz is Professor of Working Psychology and  Career Counselling on the Institute of Psychology, in the Lodz University, Poland.







PhD student, Fachrichtung Angewandte Psychologie, Universität Zürich, Switzerland

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Levent ONCEL

PhD student, Istanbul University, Turkey


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Kerrie G. Wilkins

Kerrie Wilkins is a doctoral candidate in the counseling psychology program at Arizona State University. Her research interests focus on vocational psychology, measurement, and scale development with the aim of promoting career advancement among cross cultural populations, women in science and engineering, and international students. Kerrie received a Bachelor of Science in experimental psychology from the University of South Carolina Upstate and a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Arizona State University.






Zilmara Bonai

Zilmara Bonai is a student in “Maestrado em Psicologia do Desenvolvimento” (developmental psychology) at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.  Her research interests the school and professional choices in the theoretical framework of positive psychology in brazilian high school students.



Education and counseling students of the The College of William & Mary – May 17-24, 2014

The Larios Laboratory hosted at the end of May 2014 a group of W&M students. During one week of work they attended many lectures with faculty and staff members of the University of Padova. The met prof. Alberto Voci, Director of the bachelor degree in Social and Work Psychology and prof. Annamaria Manganelli, Director of the Master course in Social, Work and Communication Psychology, prof. Cristina Marogna, professor of group counseling, Luigi Castelli, Delegate of the Rector for e-learning and Prof. Francesca Pazzaglia, Dean of the School of Psychology. They also met Dr. Elisa di Luca, Head of University Disability Service, Dr. Minicuci, project manager, International Public Relations Office and Dr. Gioia Grigolin, Human Resource Manager of the University. US students worked also with a group of Padova university students and developed three case studies – both in English and Italian. Several W&M students also conducted research. Doctoral student Amy Williams, for instance, interviewed the Italian university students about substance use and consequences.
“Not only was I able to conduct a research study during the trip, but I also learned a lot about the differences between American and Italian conceptualizations of addiction, treatment, and post-treatment opportunities” she said.
At the end of the week in Padova, W&M students presented their research as part of a one-day conference about the future of counseling in Italy. Originally, the students were going to present their work in a short research symposium, but the Larios Laboratory turned the opportunity into a national event ‘Il counseling del futuro’ and William & Mary Education Dean Spencer Niles as the keynote speaker. Although she doesn’t specialize in counseling, Eddy, too, was asked to speak at the conference about the idea of leading change.
“It really made me think about what we look at as permeable borders between our areas of study and discipline because often we think we’re in our little silo, and we really need to be reaching out,” she said. Likewise, students found applications to their own areas of research interests—often in unexpected ways.





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