Welcome to the La.R.I.O.S. website, the Laboratory for Research and Intervention in Vocational Guidance established by the University of Padua in 1994 to carry out research and interventions in School-career guidance.

In welcoming you, we wish first of all to congratulate you on your decision to join our vocational guidance project: making decisions about one’s own future is without a doubt an important and demanding task.

To successfully accomplish this task you will have to devote some of your time, energies and efforts to it in order to decide exactly what is really closest to your heart as regards your future.

Together with us you will make “Three steps toward the future”: at each step you will be asked to answer a series of questions. These questions don’t have right or wrong answers. What is really important is that you truthfully express your way of being, thinking and behaving. The answers you will give will be processed automatically and, thanks to them, you will receive a personalized report just for you.