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XVI European Congress of Psychology
2-5 luglio, Moscow, Russia
Joint symposium Unitwin Network – ESVDC on the topic of “Emerging adults and relationship to work in different parts of the world” – Presentations within the symposium:

  1. French emerging adults, qualified or not, in vulnerable situations: life-design, relationship to work and occupational integration, by Laurence Cocandeau-Bellanger, Soazig Disquay-Perot, Angel Egido, Catholic University of Angers, Cnam-CRTD, Hesam Université, France
  2. Group career construction counselling with students from disadvantaged communities, by Kobus G. Maree, University of Pretoria, South-Africa
  3. “Emerging precariousness” from the inside: Low qualified young adults’ narratives about job insecurity, by Jonas Masdonati, Jérôme Rossier, Laurence Fedrigo, and Robin Zufferey, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  4. Career stories of Italian young adults in precarious situations and their inclusive and sustainable aspects, by Laura Nota, Maria Cristina Ginevra, Sara Santilli, Ilaria Di Maggio & Salvatore Soresi, University of Padova, Italy
  5. This is not a future job. Representations of decent work among young people with low employment skills, by Guðbjörg Vilhjálmsdóttir, University of Iceland
  6. Discussion, by Jacques Pouyaud, University of Bordeaux

World Congress of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Glasgow, Scotland

Santilli, S., Ginevra, M. C., Nota, L., Di Maggio, I., Soresi, S. (2019, agosto). Imagined intergroup contact among elementary school children: Effects on Attitudes, Knowledge about disability, outgroup stereotypes and helping intentions


Fostering the dialogue between science and practice in Career Guidance and Counselling
Krakow, Poland, September 5-7, 2018

ESVDC symposiumEmerging issues in career counseling: Challenges for intervention and training. Chair: prof. Jonas Masdonati, University of Lausanne, Switzerland; Discussant: prof. Laura Nota, University of Padova, Italy


31st International Congress of Psychology
Yokohama, Japan, July 24-29

ESVDC symposium: “Career preparedness and adaptability: resources helping adolescents managing challenging times”, S. Soresi, L. Ferrari, T.M. Sgaramella, & C.M. Ginevra, University of Padova, University of Milano Bicocca

ECADOC symposium: “The European Doctoral Programme in Career Guidance and Counselling (ECADOC) project: Methodologies and joint research projects”, S. Soresi, L. Nota, & M.C. Ginevra, University of Padova, University of Milano Bicocca

International scientific conference: Career and Life Design interventions for sustainable development and decent work
Wroclaw, Poland, June 6-8

ESVDC symposium: “New lines of work for a future of quality: argumentation, courage and career adaptability“, L. Ferrari, T.M. Sgaramella, S. Soresi, M.C. Ginevra & L. Nota, University of Padova, University of Milano Bicocca

ECADOC symposium: “Joint research projects: Ideas, actions, collaborations”, S. Santilli, I. Di Maggio, S. Soresi & L. Nota, University of Padova
“Life Design resources and career decision: a cross-cultural study in three European contries”, C. Annovazzi, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy, M.C. Ginevra, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy, A. Kaliris, University of Athens, Greece, E. Lodi, University of Sassari, Italy, & L. Sovet, Cnam, Paris, France.


6th NICE Conference – Bratislava, Slovakia, May 28, 2015
Symposium: Using narratives and other qualitative procedures in career counseling with youth in transition
Lea Ferrari, Teresa Maria Sgaramella & Salvatore Soresi, University of Padua, Italy
Symposium: Social Relevant and Quality in Career Guidance and Counselling Research
Chair: Laura Nota, University of Padua, Italy


Eventi a cui ha partecipato il Larios


ESVDC (European Society for Vocational Designing and Career Counseling) general assembly
Heidelberg, October 3, 2012

IAEVG Conference, Round table, Mannheim,  October 6, 2012
IAEVG Nota invitation
IAEVG Round Table 2012

University of Lausanne, Lausanne (CH), 29 March, 2012
» Main lecture: Persons with Disabilities, Inclusion and Career Guidance

“Costituiamoci! Disabilità, diritti umani e partecipazione”
Università di Padova, 23 aprile 2012

Symposium “New challenges for vocational psychology”
Cape Town, July 22-27 2012

American Psychological Association, Annual Convention
Orlando, Florida, August 2-5, 2012
APA symposium

European Society on Family Relations
Executive board meeting, Lillehammer, September 25 2012
Meeting Lillehammer 2012


Scuola Superiore Yio Chu Kang e Ministero dell’Educazione
Singapore, 14-16 novembre 2011
Attività di formazione presso la Scuola Superiore Yio Chu Kang di Singapore

Presentation of Magellano Junior and Magellano Università
Bulgaria, 18-19 November 2011

Society for Vocational Psychology Conference, “Forging Career Policy for greater Good”
Boston, 5 e 6 Novembre 2011


27th International Congress of Applied Psychology
Melbourne, Australia,11-16 luglio 2010
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Problem solving appraisal abstract
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Education & Career Guidance Conference
Singapore, 23-24 febbraio 2009

Special Education from Present to Future, Thessaloniki (Greece), 17 ottobre 2009


International Counseling Psychology Conference, Chicago, 6-9 marzo 2008