Symposia – NICE Conference

Symposia organized in the 6th NICE Conference
Bratislava, Slovakia, 28th-30th May 2015

Convenor Laura Nota, University of Padova, Italy (VIDEO)

ECADOC Symposium “Social Relevance and Quality in Career Guidance and Counselling Research” Chair: Laura Nota, University of Padova (Italy)

  • Cultural issues in quantitative research: Etic and emic approaches: Sif Einarsdóttir (Iceland), (VIDEO)
  • Enhancing the rigour in qualitative and interpretive research: from a critical friend to collaborative inquiry: Hazel Reid (UK) (VIDEO)
  • Collaborative practice based research: Groups, circles, networks: Rie Thomsen (Denmark) (VIDEO)

ESVDC Symposium “Resources for Youth and Adults’ Career Transitions” Chair: Jacques Pouyaud, University of Bordeaux (France)

  • Using narratives and other qualitative procedures in career counseling with youth in transition: Lea Ferrari, Teresa Maria Sgaramella & Salvatore Soresi (Italy) (VIDEO)
  • Hope and role models as career resources in career transitions of adolescents: Andreas Hirschi (Switzerland) (VIDEO)
  • Career transition of executives from private enterprises to non profit organizations: The role of training programmes: Valérie Cohen-Scali (France) (VIDEO)
  • Discussant: Jean Pierre Dauwalder (Switzerland)

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