We are proud to announce that Springer has now published the promised ECADOC Book, edited by our ECADOC Scientific Committee colleagues Valérie Cohen-Scali, Jérôme Rossier and Laura Nota, who have gone to great efforts to put this publication together (thank you!).

With the ECADOC book, they have provided doctoral researchers in career guidance and counselling a unique opportunity to publish original research at an international – and we are particularly proud to say that this selection of high-quality peer-reviewed articles includes numerous articles that have been written by multinational teams of ECADOC summer school participants.

In addition to these articles, the book features a couple of articles regarding future perspectives on our field, including the European Research Agenda for Career Guidance and Counselling, which the Scientific Committee members of ECADOC have compiled over the three years of the ECADOC project, consulting more than 100 colleagues from across Europe under leadership of Peter Weber.

We hope that this book will receive wide attention and that it will also help to spread the word about the ECADOC Summer Schools for doctoral researchers in our field.  A final thank you goes to all of the chapter contributors, reviewers, ECADOC Advisory Board members, editors and publishers who have contributed to this book, and to you – our academic community – for making this effort worthwhile!

Please find more information on the book here and attached. This is also where potential reviewers will find free access to an online copy of the book.

With best wishes from all members of the ECADOC Scientific Committee,
Laura Nota, Valérie Cohen-Scali, Jérôme Rossier, Rie Thomsen, Peter Weber, and Johannes Katsarov

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