he La.R.I.O.S. was established in 1994 within the Faculty of Psychology and today is part of the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy and Applied Psychology in order to give a new impulse to both research and application in the field of career guidance.

The Laboratory is made up of numerous professionals and scholars who carry out research, training and counseling activities in the field of career guidance and planning.

The research activities, anchored to the most recent and internationally accredited theoretical models, concern:

1) the study of the variables and processes involved in professional planning;

2) the development of assessment tools for career guidance and planning activities addressed to children, adolescents and adults with and without vulnerabilities (e.g. disabilities, migration experience, substance addiction, etc.);

3) the development and evaluation of the effectiveness of intervention programs aimed at children, adolescents and adults with and without vulnerabilities (e.g., disability, migration experience, substance dependence, etc.).

The training activities (workshops, national and international congresses and conferences, and advanced and master’s courses), organized annually, are addressed to professionals interested in consulting, training and intervention in the field of guidance both as freelancers and as employees or collaborators of public or private, profit and non-profit organizations (schools, universities, employment centers and employment services, training institutions, consulting firms, etc.).
The training activities train experts in the field of guidance and career counseling in the light of the latest and scientifically valid conceptual frameworks able to support people in the process of professional planning and construction of the future.
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The counseling activities are addressed to those who are interested in reflecting on their educational and professional future. Specifically, the activity is addressed to:

  • preadolescents
  • adolescents
  • parents
  • young adults
  • adults

For information and contacts contact the laboratory Larios (larios@unipd.it; 049-8276464)