Specialization Course

Specialization Course 2022/2023

Guidance and Career counselling for inclusion, sustainability and social justice

The course aims to train career counseling professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to support people throughout their lives in the design of a quality future. It aims to promote a reading framework of the threats and challenges of current contexts and to define procedures and methodologies of scientifically based guidance that, within inclusive and sustainable models, can support the construction of the future throughout life, the choice and planning of training and career, job search, career transitions, accompaniment and job inclusion, for the benefit of a quality life even for those who experience conditions of vulnerability. It aims to train a professional figure able to contribute through guidance and social advocacy to the construction of inclusive, sustainable and social justice contexts.

It is characterized as an interdisciplinary training course and provides for the involvement of experts in the field of guidance, economics, human rights and legal and political sciences, sociology of work, information technology and accessibility, sustainability, etc.. in order to treasure the best from different knowledge and experiences. The course also includes ‘international comparisons’ on issues of guidance, development and sustainability in order to create shared projects of research and experimentation.